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False Demand: The Case Against the Williams Fracked Gas Pipeline
This report demonstrates that a proposed 23-mile-long fracked gas pipeline is not needed by New York City. New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer commended it, stating, "The proposed Williams pipeline represents a monumental step backwards. This report dismantles [energy company] Williams' arguments and makes a clear and convincing case that better alternatives exist."
Online but Disconnected: Young Adults' Experiences with Online Job Applications
Showed how invalid, unreliable and discriminatory online pre-employment personality tests make it harder for young adult jobseekers to be hired
Paying for What Doesn't Count: How Exorbitant Executive Compensation and Frivolous Advertising Hurts New York Hospital Patients
communication workers of america district one
Demonstrates that NY hospitals jeopardize patient health by excessive spending on executive compensation and advertising.
New York Nonprofits in the Aftermath of FEGS: A CALL TO ACTION
Human Services Council
After the closure of the largest social services organization in New York City, the Human Services Council assembled a commission to investigate systemic weaknesses in the nonprofit human services sector. This report identifies chronic issues and proposes solutions to stabilize and strengthen the sector.